Delta Sigma Pi Xi Rho Chapter

Since it’s founding in November 1907, Delta Sigma Pi strives to be America’s renowned professional business fraternity. With a focus on professional development, philanthropy, and brotherhood, each member can be assured that his or her time in the fraternity will be an enriching and worthwhile experience. In addition, a great strength of our Fraternity is a membership as diverse as the world of business. Through our different opinions and voices, our Fraternity pushes the conventional ways of thinking that lead us to great ideas in the chapter, the University and in the business world.

Our chapter is no different! The Xi Rho chapter of Delta Sigma Pi is a brotherhood of passionate, scholarly, and determined individuals. With brothers hailing from 10+ countries, diversity, differences and individualism are all welcomed and celebrated. Our chapter strives for mutual advancement, excellence in scholarship, and strong social engagement.

As a brother, you gain access to the resource that is the brotherhood. You will find a brother in almost all of your classes with whom you can sit with, study with, and challenge in the classroom. You gain access to the experiences of your brothers, their internships, their connections, and their kindness to ensure that everyone in the chapter can and will achieve success. Lastly, you gain access to a new support system that not only cares for you and your success, but the success of others.

The Xi Rho chapter of Delta Sigma Pi is dedicated to service and professionalism. Brothers of our chapter can be found participating in volunteer efforts almost every weekend. Whether that be planting trees on the national mall, helping to run a marathon, or establishing homes for sheltered animals, our brother’s dedication to service cannot be questioned.


Who Are We?

DSP is one of my biggest drivers both personally and professionally. I am inspired every day by my brothers and aspire to be like them and make them proud. They are also some of my closest friends whom I am lucky enough to share my GW experiences
— Alexandra Black
When I rushed first semester freshman year, the brothers of Delta Sigma Pi instantly became my support system and best friends at GW. My brothers pushed me to pursue new opportunities and become the young professional I am today
— Bayley Shanley