Who Are We?


It is with immense pride that I welcome you to the Xi Rho Chapter of Delta Sigma Pi at The George Washington University. Founded in 2000, our Chapter continues to serve the Business community at the School of Business with dedication and triumph. Our success can largely be attributed to the brothers of the Fraternity who not only continue to excel academically and professionally, but also remain passionate about giving back to the brotherhood.

As a brotherhood, we seek excellence and we seek it together because we strongly believe that together we are stronger. With an abundance of resources at its disposal, DSP guides you through a successful college career and also helps transition you to your post-graduation life. Through professional events, community service, and social activities we form a united family that is always there for every brother in need.

I have had the privilege of being in DSP since the beginning of my freshman year and in the past 3 years, I have met some of the most hard working and sincere people. They have taught me the importance of self-confidence, knowledge and humility. The rewards of being a brother are ever-lasting and the journey, priceless. We will continue to focus on enhancing our members professionally, especially as they take their places in the most prestigious firms across the world. So I welcome you to come and experience our brotherhood as we embrace our aspirations and conquer our challenges.


Bhujit Saini

2017-2018 Chapter President

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